SINCE 1964

Rinzler’s Meats has been Greater Moncton’s premier family-owned meat shop.

Over the past few years,  we’ve expanded our inventory to include a wide selection of diverse produce, dairy and bread products to accommodate all your grocery needs.

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5lb box
medium ground beef patties


Salt pork
riblets or neckbones


Cortland apples




Highliner 250G
fish & fries

2 for 4 or 2.49/ea

At Rinzler’s, we do our best to supply as many locally-sourced items as possible.

From our custom pickled meat to crisp fruits and vegetables, everything we sell comes from names you know and trust.

For your next meal, browse our selection of grocery items or drop by for a visit. We look forward to seeing you.

Yum in every bite.

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