A Complete Grocery Shopping Experience Near You

Along with incredible cuts of meat, we’re proud to offer an accessible grocery shopping destination near you.



The one thing we know is quality meat. After 52 years, it’s no surprise that the Greater Moncton area comes to Rizler’s for our wide selection of beef. Stop by today to try one of our seasoned patties or order a delicious roast beef!


Our cooler is fully stocked with the juiciest t-bones, rib steaks, ribeyes, strip loins and tenderloins for summer BBQ’s or your frying pan in the winter.


Our mouth-watering pork selection includes pork chops, pork roast, pork tenderloins, ribs, bacon and back bacon.


We carry a a host of tender whole chickens, breasts, drums and thighs.


We’ll slice it as thick or thin as you want! Our deli offers ham, roast beef, turkey and other assorted sandwich and breakfast meats.

Pickled Meats

Prepared in-house, we’re the only shop in Moncton to offer a scrumptious assortment of pickled meats.

Head Cheese

A best-seller, our tasty head cheese is cured and stuffed to perfection.


Our dairy section is complete with milk, cheese and eggs from a variety of local merchants.


Whenever possible, our large assortment of fruits and vegetables are purchased from local organizations.

Frozen Food

Complete your shopping trip with frozen meat, vegetables, fish, pizza or anything else.


We carry fresh loaves of bread from familiar names such as McBun’s Bakery, Brother’s Bakery and European Style Bakery.

Yum in every bite.

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